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Guide to Curating a Gallery Wall

Guide to Curating a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a beautiful way to showcase art in your home. Whatever style frames, layout, or color scheme you choose will be an exhibit of your own style.  Hopefully the following ideas help provide you with some inspiration on how you'd like to set up your own gallery wall.

Symmetrical Gallery Wall

This is a simple, modern way to show off your favorite art and photography. This works well especially if you are displaying several of the same styled artwork, like a group 4 or 6 of your favorite golf course maps.

Shopping List

Set of 3 black 11x14" frames: $31.99 on Amazon
Set of 4 wooden 11x14" frames: $50 on Amazon
Set of 4 black 16x20" frames: $80 on Amazon

Mixed Style Gallery Wall


Have a little fun with a mixed style gallery wall! This is a great way to show off different types of art and varied arrangements of frames. This will bring a lot of personality to a large or bare wall. Start with your largest pieces and build around them with your smaller ones. A good rule of thumb is to keep the varying colors and frame styles to two or three. If there's a general color theme, everything will look cohesive, even though the pieces are different styles and shapes. 

Shopping List

Set of 7 black various sized frames: $54 on Amazon
Set of 7 gold various sized frames: $45 on Amazon
12x12" wooden white frame: $18 on Amazon
5x7" black frame: $6 on Amazon
16x20" black frame: $36 on Amazon
Set of 4 rustic wooden 8x10" frames: $30 on Amazon

Linear Style Gallery Shelf

linear shelf gallery


Create a linear gallery simply by placing your art along a shelf or ledge. A floating shelf with at least a 3-inch ledge will provide enough space for layering a few frames. You can add even dimension to the look with greenery and accent pieces.

Shopping List

12x12" black frame: $18 on Amazon
11x14" gold frame: $26 on Amazon
Set of 2 size 8x10" stained wood frames: $19 on Amazon

Make a Plan and Put it into Action!


Once you've decided on a gallery style and selected your frames, you can start setting your plan. But first, take a look at this simple way to create your gallery arrangement before hammering any nails in the wall.

Measure your frames and cut out corresponding pieces of paper. Then, lay out the shapes on the floor (or even tape them on the wall for a better visual!) This will help you visualize the best layout and save you from the headache of rearranging after the nails are already in.

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